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Bath could become first UK city to impose a tourist tax (on top of VAT)

Bath could become the first UK city to impose a tourist tax on overnight visitors it has been reported by Charles Gerrish, a Conservative councillor, who told BBC Radio Bristol that the local authority is considering the introduction of a “tourist bed tax”, to be paid by all those staying in a hotel or b&b, to help offset the £37m of cuts it is facing over the next five years.

“We’re looking at new options for generating more revenue,” said Mr Gerrish, the Cabinet Member for Finance and Efficiency. “If you go on holiday in Europe… when you stay in a hotel, you are asked to make a very small contribution to the local authority in addition to your hotel bill. When I stay in Italy, for example, I pay something like one euro per head per night. There will be more clarity on this proposal in the weeks to follow.