Country Canada
Currency CAD
EU Member State No
Standard VAT/GST rate 5%
Reduced VAT/GST rate Depend on province
VAT registration limit for established businesses Yes
VAT registration limit for non-established businesses Yes
VAT return filing periods Monthly / Quarterly
Annual VAT returns Yes
Additional reporting requirements Yes
VAT recovery by non-established non-EU businesses No
Reverse Charge Yes
Fiscal representative required for non-EU businesses No
Statute of limitations A reassessment of the tax payable by a corporation that is not a CCPC may be made within four years from the date of mailing of the original notice of assessment, usually following a detailed field audit of the return and supporting information. The limitation period is three years for CCPCs. The three-year and four-year limits are extended a further three years in some cases (e.g. transactions with non-arm’s-length non-residents). Reassessments generally are not permitted beyond these limits unless there has been misrepresentation or fraud. Different time limits may apply for provincial reassessments.

For taxation years ending after 2 October 2016, recently enacted legislation allows the CRA to reassess tax, after the end of the normal reassessment period, on a gain from the disposition of real or immovable property if the taxpayer does not initially report the disposition.

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