Country Italy
Currency Euro
EU Member State Yes
Standard VAT rate 22%
Reduced VAT rate 4%/10%
VAT registration limit for established businesses Nil
VAT registration limit for non-established businesses Nil
VAT registration rate for distance sellers 35000 Euro
VAT return filing periods VAT payments monthly / quarterly

return annually

Annual returns Yes
Intrastat thresholds: dispatches and arrivals More than 50000 Euro: monthly Intrastat (EC Purchase listing)

Less than 50000 Euro: quarterly Intrastat (EC Purchase listing) for arrivals.

More than 50000 Euro : monthly Intrastat (EC Sales listing);

Less than 50000 Euro : quarterly Intrastat (EC Sales listing) for dispatches

EC Sales list frequency Monthly/ Quarterly
Additional reporting requirements Yes
VAT recovery by non-established non-EU businesses Yes for non-EU countries on the basis of reciprocity
Reverse Charge Yes
Extended reverse charge Yes
Fiscal representative required for non-EU businesses Yes
Statute of limitations Recovery of VAT by the authority’s period is 4 years  Deduction and refund of VAT period is 2 years