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International VAT Update: European VAT Deadline Fast Approaching!

International Tax Update: European VAT Deadline Fast Approaching!

A quick reminder that, if you are you are a European Union entity, the 30 September deadline for submitting reclaims for VAT incurred in other EU states during 2016 is fast approaching.

There are many ways that your business could be suffering local Tax on costs in EU states – hotel bills for travelling sales staff; conference costs; sub-contractors’ fees on installation contracts; locally sourced tooling for key suppliers amongst others. These are not sunk costs; a reclaim is possible.

If you have a current EU VAT advisor, this process is probably already underway. If you don’t have an advisor or your current approach is not as smooth or proactive as you would wish, then we’d like to help.

We are a European specialist tax advisory and compliance consultants with a EU-wide reach and are dedicated to offering practical and cost-effective tax support to international businesses. We can outsource the entire claim process, or alternatively offer you the advice and training you need to run it in-house. We have very experienced specialists who can make sure that, even at the last minute, you are getting the most possible value out of this opportunity.

For more info: We are international / European VAT tax consultants including European tax compliance.


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