VAT Returns

It’s increasingly common in the globalised world that businesses find themselves dealing with a number of VAT registrations across a range of jurisdictions. Managing these can be technically complex, time consuming and can involve unpredictable costs for a business.


Essentia offers a complete VAT return filing service on a multi-country basis for businesses wishing to outsource some or all of their VAT compliance obligations. This enables clients to tap into our VAT expertise and local authority relationships in a highly cost-effective manner and focus their own staff on adding value in other areas. Our VAT return processes have also been designed so that they are friendly toward corporate governance rules such as SOX, JSOX and the UK SAO provisions; we can provide packaged documentation in support of these requirements as and when required.


Our clients vary from major multinationals or blue-chip companies to small and medium sized organisations that have cross border VAT requirements, offering a cost effective and efficient  “one stop shop solution”.

VAT Countries

Essentia supplies support spanning Europe and the Globe.
Australia Czech Republic India Netherlands Slovak Republic United Kingdom
Austria Denmark Ireland New Zealand Slovenia USA
Belgium United Arab Emirates Israel Norway South Africa
Brazil Estonia Italy Poland South Korea
Bulgaria Finland Japan Portugal Spain
Canada France Latvia Romania Sweden
China Germany Lithuania Russia Switzerland
Croatia Hungary Luxembourg Saudi Arabia Taiwan
Cyprus Iceland Malta Serbia Turkey