VAT Management Consultancy

At Essentia, we believe knowing the technical answers to VAT issues is only the beginning of understanding their impact on your business. It’s of equal, if not greater, importance to know the resources and structures you need to manage your VAT risks, costs and compliance burdens. What IT resources do you need? How many staff and at what level? What training do your current people need? Should you outsource some functions? If yes, which ones?

Our consultants have a wealth of experience of building and running in-house VAT functions for businesses operating across highly demanding jurisdictions and commercial sectors.  Unlike some advisors who may focus on narrow legal questions, we regard “top-level” VAT management consultancy as one of our core competences. We can perform:



The needs and priorities of each business in this area are unique; we have helped organisations with issues as basic as deciding whether to appoint their first in-house VAT specialist through to overseeing the restructuring and relocation of entire indirect tax teams for large multinationals. Essentia are your International VAT Tax management consultants.


International VAT Management Consultancy Firm Consultants