Why Use Us?

Essentia offer a broad spread of services under one umbrella that can be tailored to the clients specific needs. We provide effective solutions that enable already over stretched VAT professionals to manage everything from the preparation and timely submission of VAT declarations through to focused staff training and structuring of the in house VAT function. The ultimate aim of this holistic approach is to ensure a more efficient, transparent and manageable VAT funtionality.


Our Unique Global One Stop Shop Solution

We view VAT in terms of costs and obligations to be effectively managed. If you come to us for advice we will tell you what we think, in a manner that is clear and simple. We will never charge you for advice you can’t understand because we think that’s not good advice.


Our key role is to help businesses deal with their VAT obligations in the most effective way, as well as reduce their costs where it is reasonably possible to do so within the law. To do this effectively we guard our good reputation with the fiscal authorities with whom we deal.


We do not advise on aggressive VAT avoidance and we do not sell “schemes”. Nor do we assist in defending any criminal or civil cases where dishonesty has been involved. There are other advisors who fill those spaces, we respect their skills and leave this field to them.

Handling overseas VAT registrations

By drawing on our partnerships with leading in country providers specialising in this area, Essentia provides a fully outsourced VAT management solution that is both transparent and handled by one point of contact.


In our experience most companies lack the in house ability to manage multiple registrations around the world. When this is added to the ever increasing levels of complexity introduced by seemingly simple amendments to the place of supply of electronic services and the language barriers that exist, that this area is so complex should come as no surprise.


In short Essentia can remove this compliance burden and allow the resources at your disposal to focus on more strategic and core business activities.