Who are Essentia?

We are specialists in global indirect tax management. We help businesses to manage their worldwide compliance with respect to VAT/GST and similar taxes, effectively and economically. For some of our clients this can take the form of outsourcing VAT/GST related functions to us; for others we provide the advice, training and resource support necessary to deal with these in-house.

Latest News

Egypt- New E-Invoicing Framework To Combat Tax Evasion

The Egyptian Ministry of Finance Aug. 30 announced the e-invoicing framework to combat tax…


New VAT return in Norway Effective 2022

The Norwegian tax authorities have recently announced that a new VAT return will be…


Poland- Postpones E Invoicing To 2023

Poland is introducing more  tax technology obligations on taxpayers. E-invoicing will eventually replace the…


VAT Countries

Essentia supplies support spanning Europe and the Globe.
Australia Czech Republic India Netherlands Slovak Republic United Kingdom
Austria Denmark Ireland New Zealand Slovenia USA
Belgium United Arab Emirates Israel Norway South Africa
Brazil Estonia Italy Poland South Korea
Bulgaria Finland Japan Portugal Spain
Canada France Latvia Romania Sweden
China Germany Lithuania Russia Switzerland
Croatia Hungary Luxembourg Saudi Arabia Taiwan
Cyprus Iceland Malta Serbia Turkey