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Belgium Reduces Minimum VAT Refund Amounts

Belgium has published The Royal Decree , which provides VAT support measures for COVID-19. In particular, the Royal Decree provides for a reduction in the minimum VAT refund amounts announced earlier, which includes the following:

  • EUR 50 for annual declarations (down from EUR 245)
  • EUR 400 for quarterly declarations (down from EUR 615)
  • EUR 400 for monthly declarations (down from EUR 1,485)
  • EUR 50 for monthly declarations by taxpayers authorized for monthly refunds (down from EUR 245); and
  • EUR 50 for monthly declarations by start-ups in the first 24 months of activity (down from EUR 245).

The reduced minimum VAT refund amounts are effective from 1 April 2021, including with respect to the quarterly declaration for the first quarter of 2021 and the monthly declaration for March 2021.

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