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VATomator- Essentia’s International Work Flow Management Tool Covering 50 Countries

The VATomator: (Online International VAT Workflow Management Tool Covering 50 Countries) The VATomator is an online VAT workflow management, submission and archiving tool. It will: • Show you the status of all your VAT returns in a dashboard view • Remind you by email when it is time to upload VAT return data • Allow you to go through a review process with your inhouse team or accountant • Inform you when VAT submissions have been made • Securely store all past submissions and source data • Make automated submissions where necessary, e.g. the UK’s MTD regime Unlike many tax tools, it’s simple and intuitive to work with. You can learn it in 10 minutes. With the VATomator you get: • Dashboard entry screen showing the current status of your international VAT compliance in real time • Easy and secure upload of data • A Workbench space where you and your accountant or service provider can work together in real time to on the same data to review and agree files pre-submission • Secure, well ordered and accessible storage of historic filings, to which you can grant flexible levels of access for employees or service providers Also available as a white label platform to professional VAT/Tax and Accountancy firms.


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